Bronson Means Quality

Bronson Plating provides the best quality plating at the lowest reasonable price, but not at the expense of our environment. With many avid outdoors-people who enjoy nature among our employees, we seek to make “green” choices as a company whenever possible.

Bronson Plating is committed to quality. Our in-house test labs follow the most stringent industry guidelines to ensure quality control at every stage of production. Our documented quality program includes Statistical Process Controls (SPC) charting of all variables, and external independent chemical analysis.

Our employees are dedicated to consistently manufacturing high quality parts that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. We strive to be recognized by our customers as the standard of excellence for metal finishing. We deliver high-quality finished products to our customers, on schedule and at a competitive price.

Bronson reviews client drawings, analyzing potential problem areas in plating before quoting. We first examine how best to plate, and we make recommendations for revising the part as needed. Bronson Plating does everything possible to make the most cost-effective, quality coated product up-front.