An Automotive Tier supplier of an interior functional part was experiencing unacceptable chrome plating quality issues including spotty plating and inconsistent appearance. There was a second issue as well:  the part features a tight fitting tolerance with a mating part requiring masking, which caused the unplated, masked area to rust prior to assembly. Because of these issues, the automotive supplier performed 100% inspection with a 30% reject rate.


QUALITY ENHANCEMENETWe designed two innovative solutions to address the challenge:

  1. Customized pre-plate cleaning cycle to address plating inconsistencies
  2. Custom tooling that permits minimal amount of plating on the masked area to prevent rusting and yet maintain tolerances


Our customer was able to eliminate the 100% inspection and we were able to lower their unit price as well. We’ve maintained a 100% Quality Satisfaction rating with this automotive supplier for over 9 years.